Our Story:

Virtual Sea Camps is a subsidiary of Mountain and Sea Educational Adventures (MSA) environmental science camps. In 1997 the founders, Annie MacAulay and Francisco Tabas turned a dream into reality. Annie had worked for other marine institutes for several years and was challenged daily by the conditions of the planet, especially the ocean.  MSA’s foundation is to encourage the next generation to take on the challenge to become “World Changers.” These “ World Changers” are not only knowledgeable about the environmental challenges but also courageous and tenacious enough to make those changes. MSA programs challenge youth to be “Hope brokers” as they learn about key issues and become solution makers.  

Environmental education programs that are educational, fun and experiential are necessary throughout the world. Therefore after 23 years and 120,000 participants MSA has taken their tried and true course virtual. Filled with exciting and adventurous activities alongside NGSS field science programs, students become citizen scientists in their own homes or classrooms. Distance learning avails them to travel to locations around the world to learn from marine science field experts  

Our Values:

Virtual Sea Camps (VSC) teaches field and environmental science in a manner that imparts hope for the future. Teaching from a standard of truth and integrity with the intention of working together to bring solutions to some of the most challenging current environmental issues.

Mission Statement:

To develop world changing adventures who become empowered to steward the earth through virtual environmental labs.

Annie MacAualy and Francisco Tablas, a husband-wife team have operated MSA together since 1999. Annie has a background in Marine Biology and holds a Masters of Education in Environmental Science. In 1997 after working in the marine science education field for 4 years Annie pioneered MSA. Francisco’s background in microbiology studies was a great match, he joined Annie in 1999. Francisco holds a 100-Ton Master Coast Guard License and oversees the MSA fleet of 5 vessels from their 112 foot educational float lab to their tenders.