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Plankton Lab


VSC’s Plankton Lab imparts an understanding of the many vital aspects of plankton. Virtual Sea Camp students learn about the three types of plankton; zooplankton, phytoplankton and dinoflagellates as well as the two sub categories. The lecture portion also teaches about the life cycle, limiting factors, place in the food chain as well as the […]

At 9:00 am

Marine Vertebrates 2 (Shark Lab)


Virtual Sea Camps sharks and rays lab is an exciting course. Alongside our marine field scientists you get up close and personal with several species of sharks and rays, ranging from the small 3 foot horn sharks to the giant 30 foot whale sharks. They learn about the three different classes of fish with emphasis […]

At 10:00 am

Coastal Bird Lab


Students will learn about what makes a bird different from any other animal as well as gain an understanding of the four categories of coastal birds during the lecture portion of the class.

At 2:30 pm